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Kingfish Reef is a set of large reefs offering quite a few diverse dive sites filled with aquatic life.

Name Dive Site:Kingfish Reef, Kingfish Rock
Depth: 7-20m (22-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: hahei

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Situated in the centre of the Marine reserve, Kingfish Reef consists of 2-3 large reefs 7m from the top, to a depth of 18m on the sand. There is always a large variety of fish on the reef with leatherjackets, demoiselles, snappers, Maori chiefs, blue maomao, sweep and bastard red cod making up the population of permanent residents and schools of koheru, Jack mackerel, kahawai and kingfish moving in as the water warms up. The boulders are well covered with yellow, red and Grey encrusting sponges with good patches of jewel anemones and nudibranches. A favorite spot is the huge underwater pinnacle Kingfish Rock which is capped with jewel anemones and yellow encrusted sponges. There are plenty of good hiding places for yellow moray eels, blowfly fish and crayfish. The site is less than 10 minutes boat ride from Hahei but needs perfect wind & sea conditions.

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