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Waikoropupu Springs is a pretty sweet water spring with a wild variety of marine life and some spectacular visibility.

Name Dive Site:Waikoropupu Springs (Pupu Springs)
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Ranking in the top ten freshwater diving destinations in the world, Pupu Springs have become a mecca to divers seeking the ultimate in freshwater dives. The unique natural features have created a reputation that has spread, captivating visitors from all parts of the globe.

Also known as the Waikoropupu Springs, it is the largest, clearest and most popular of New Zealand's freshwater springs. The basin containing the main spring is 42 meters across, and through a system of mirrors scientists have recorded the horizontal visibility at 62 meters (203 feet) - the springs are thought to hold the clearest fresh water in the world. Millions of liters pour from the spring's eight main vents with enough force to make the covering rocks joggle rhythmically, while smaller sand-covered vents fountain in a mesmerizing way. A truly awe inspiring dive that will leave you breathless.

With amazing colors and textures, it is like an underwater garden with rich growths of aquatic plant life everywhere. Watercress flourishes so well that it is harvested twice a week and sold to local greengrocers. There are also lovely mosses, liverworts, milfoil duckweed and pondweed. Spot the various fish and crustaceans, including Chinook salmon, trout and koura - a freshwater crayfish - while experiencing the awesome power of several thousand liters of water bubbling up through the ground.

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The Waikoropupu springs are closed for diving (and all contact with thewater) because of risk of introducing a pest plant known as didymo.

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