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  1. Aldermen Island : The Aldermen Islands are a set of protected small islands off the coast of Tairua.
            1. White Island, Whakaari : White Island or Whakaari is one of the few places in the world where you can dive near a live volcano.
              1. HMNZS Canterbury :
              2. HMNZS Tui : The HMNZS Tui was a New Zealand minesweeper and submarine hunter nowadays sitting in deep waters just north of Tutukaka Heads.
              3. HMNZS Waikato : The HMNZS Waikato is one of the large navy vessels being sunk by Tutukaka Coast Promotions.
              4. Rainbow Warrior : The Rainbow Warrior was a Greenpeace flagship bombed by French secret agents in the harbor of Auckland.
              1. Barren Archway : Barren Arch is despite its name diving at a very rich underwater marine habitat.
              2. Bernie's Cave : Bernie's Cave has a small airpocket inside where you can breath some unhealthy air.
              3. Blue Maomao Archway : Blue Maomao Arch is a shallow archway known to be filled with a species of fish named blue maomao.
              4. El Torito Cave : Diving at the spectacular dome named El Torito Cave.
              5. Landing Bay Pinnacle : Landing Bay Pinnacle is one of the largest pinnacle dives in New Zealand rising up from depths of 40 meter.
              6. Middle Archway : Middle Arch is one of the more famous dive sites, easy and often crowded with fish.
              7. Northern Archway : Northern Arch is a dive site with a steep arch with in soft and hard corals decorated walls.
              8. Nursery Cove, Labyrinth : Nursery Cove and the Labyrinth are a cove and an area of canyons combined with swimmthroughs famous for its many juvenile fish.
              9. Riko Riko Cave : The massive Riko Riko Cave means fading light or waning moon in Maori.
              10. Sandager Reef, Gardens : Sandager Reef or the Gardens is an area filled with green vegetation and marine fish living in it.
              11. Tie-Dye Archway : The Tie-Dye Archway is a great dive site just south of the main Poor Knights Islands group.
              1. Cathedral Cove : Cathedral Cove is contained in the Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve offering some of the best diving and snorkeling on the northern island.
                1. Gemstone Bay : Gemstone Bay is a very brilliant dive site perfect for snorkeling and diving as well.
                2. Hapuka Rock : Hapuka Rock is a twenty meter high submerged pinnacle just outside Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve.
                3. Kingfish Reef, Kingfish Rock : Kingfish Reef is a set of large reefs offering quite a few diverse dive sites filled with aquatic life.
                4. Long Drop : The Long Drop is a nice pinnacle dive with some mini drop-offs and boulder formations.
                5. Okorotere Island : Okorotere Island is another island on the edge of the marine reserve offering some wicked diving opportunities.
                6. Russ's Ravine : Russ's Ravine is a large wall dive where schools of fish and predators together are quite normal.
                7. South Sunk Rock : South Sunk Rock is a thirty meter tall pinnacle rock that reaches the surface during low tide.
                8. Spectacle Reef : Spectacle Reef is diving on a typical reef returning on the other side.
                9. Tractor Bay : Tractor Bay is named after the two tractors that can be dived at inside the bay.
                10. Waikaranga Island, Wedge : Waikaranga Island lies on the edge of Te-Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve with some good dive sites.
              2. Goat Island : One of New Zealand's most famous dive destinations is Goat Island just north of Auckland.
              3. Great Barrier Island : Great Barrier Island is a diverse and tropical island known for its hikes, trails and forests.
                1. HMNZS South Seas : The minesweeper HMNZS South Seas sits in the middle of the Wellington shipping lane where it was ran over by the ferry Wahine.
                2. HMNZS Wellington (F69) : The HMNZS Wellington or F69 Wellington Frigate is a young and large wreck that was scuttled in 2005.
                  1. Yung Pen : The Yung Pen is an old wreck fully covered in seaweed with only its stern section left to explore.
                      1. Hawea : Lake Hawea
                      2. Kaikoura : Diving, snorkeling and boat tours around the waters of Kaikoura are famous for its wildlife such as dolphins, seals and whales.
                            1. Riwaka Caverns : Famous in the Riwaka Caverns is diving at a huge chamber with stalactites and stalagmites with excellent underwater views.
                            2. Tonga Island :
                            3. Waikoropupu Springs : Waikoropupu Springs is a pretty sweet water spring with a wild variety of marine life and some spectacular visibility.
                            4. Wanaka : Lake Wanaka
                            1. Fish Reserve : Feeding blue cods from up close is a fantastic experience while diving at Fish Reserve.
                            2. Koi Wreck : The iron wreck of the Koi has been a haven for marine as well as invertebrates since WWII, when it sunk at its final resting place.
                            3. Kumutoto Point : Kumototo Point is close to Picton and famous for its New Zealand Fur Seals you can dive with.
                            4. Lastingham Wreck : Lastingham is a twin mast iron sailing ship with rail tracks, a cement bell and bottles as its interesting sights.
                            5. Long Island : Diving Jurassic Park at Long Island is famous for its gigantic and huge numbers of crayfish.
                            6. Mikhail Lermontov : The Mikhael Lermontov is a Russian cruise liner that sank when it tried to enter the passages of Marlborough Sounds.
                            7. Rangitoto Wreck : The Rangitoto is a great wreck in kelp covered rocks and overgrown with many anemones, soft corals and plants.
                            8. Vara Wreck : Vara Wreck, a popular local scuba wreck site, famous for its huge and many conger eels.
                            9. Waihi Point : Waihi Point is a protective old time favorite at Cape Jackson with plenty of moki, crayfish and perch.
                            10. Wellington Bay : The dramatic beauty of Wellington Bay continues below the surface with many caves, kelp forests and arches.
                            1. Leask Bay : Shore diving at Leask Bay is famous for its variety and chances of spotting seals and sea lions.
                            2. Port Pegasus : Port Pegasus is a small region at Stewart Island's southern coast near Pearl Island.