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Blue Maomao Arch is a shallow archway known to be filled with a species of fish named blue maomao.

Name Dive Site:Blue Maomao Archway
Depth: 5-15m (16-49ft)
Inserted/Added by: knight_diver_tours

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Blue Mao Mao Arch is a shallow arch, which abounds with blue maomao. It is like diving in a cathederal. The bottom drops to 15 metres towards the east end and free swimming yellow morays are sometimes encountered while the more timid grey morays will normally remain hiding among the rocks. On certain tides the maomao are so abundant in the arch that you cannot see the other divers! On the outside of the arch take a close look at the boulders - dozens of tiny brightly coloured blennies sit out on the rock surfaces and flit away when disturbed.


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Name: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

Blue Maomao Arch is one of the best accessible and most famous dive sites on Poor Knight Islands. It is a shallow arch named after the fish named blue maomao that are extremely abundant here. This bright blue colored fish eats plankton and lives in the waters of New Zealand and eastern Australia. It is amazing to dive at this dive spot with spectacular sunrays, archways and cathedral like appearance. This place is popular for novice divers because of its easy entrance and sheltered location. Other fish species you will often spot are blennies, stargazers, wrasses, grouper and moray eels. Colorful sponges and hard corals can be spotted along the walls.

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