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Waikaranga Island lies on the edge of Te-Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve with some good dive sites.

Name Dive Site:Waikaranga Island, Wedge
Depth: 5-25m (16-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: hahei

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Waikaranga Island, lying on the boundary of the reserve, is the home and nesting place for black backed and red billed gulls. The seaward side of the island is outside the reserve zone and the terrain is boulder. The large cracks make good homes for numerous red moki and the odd big crayfish. Max depth is 25m but you can enjoy a dive in 15m or less by sticking close to the island. The inside area is sheltered and runs from the island towards the cove reaching a depth of 20m but again you can spend a lot of time in less than 18m. There are many moray eels, moki, leatherjackets and John Dory. In the summer months the pelagic fish are commonly seen here. There are good areas of jewel anemones and eclonia kelp. It is a 5min boat ride from Hahei.

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